Camping with Boy Scout Troop 35

We try to campout as a Troop once a month, going to State Parks, BSA events, and other spots. The Scouts prepare and execute the camping tasks on their own with supervision and guidance from the adult leaders. We tailor some campouts for specific skills or events (canoeing, hiking, swimming, the Olustee re-enactment, to name a few), and we always have fun. The campouts are planned in advance, usually at the summer Program Planning Conference, so if you have any ideas or resources let us know.

Please review the Campout Procedures so you will know what is expected.
Please review the Troop 35 knife Policy so you can carry appropriately.

    Below are some useful links and thoughts and expectations for camping with Troop 35.

  • Equipment: Much of the gear is supplied by the Scouts, but do not feel the need to run out and spend a lot of money. Ease into it. The Troop has all the major gear needed for “Trailer camping” (tents, cooking gear, lanterns, etc.), and the Scouts will need to provide at least their own sleeping gear, eating gear (Cup, Bowl, Spoon!), and carrying equipment. A detailed discussion of “Trailer camping” gear is located on ourĀ Camping Checklist page. “Self Sufficient” camping/hiking gear is also discussed.
    Some gear a Scoutmaster likes to see is a watch, a headlamp, and a compass.
  • Planning: The When, Where, and How for each campout will be detailed at least a few weeks prior to the event. It is up to the Scouts to ensure that their personal gear is prepared, the fees are paid, and getting to and from the departure point (usually Southside United Methodist Church) is planned out. Camping Fees are usually due the Troop Meeting just before the campout, and Food Patrol Shopping is at the discretion of each Patrol. Check our Calendar to see what is scheduled.
  • Expectations
    1. Be at the departure point on time: We will leave without you. Be prepared: Gear packed, car gassed (for adult drivers), tummies full.
    2. Work together as a Patrol to get your duties done. A duty Roster will be developed before we go, so you will know your assigned tasks.
    3. Perform your assigned tasks without frequent reminders. The quicker we get the work done, the sooner we can have fun!
    4. Take care of all equipment: Put it away clean and in good shape. Notify a Leader of any problems with the equipment.
    5. Scouts will be setting up the campsite, cooking the meals, cleaning the dishes, caring for the equipment, breaking camp, etc.
    6. Drink lots of water! It is no fun being sick on a campout.
    7. Be prepared to have fun!!! And always live by the Scout Oath and Law.
    8. Always leave the site and equipment better than you found it.
  • Some Helpful Stuff for Camping and Hiking
  • And don’t forget to see where have been and what we have done! and where we are going

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