Scout through Life Ranks

You advance through the ranks from Scout through Life by completing the requirements for each rank, as specified in your Boy Scout Handbook. Completion of each requirement is indicated by having it signed off in your Scout Handbook. Once all the requirements for a rank are signed off you have a Scoutmaster Conference, and then a Board of Review. Here are the National BSA Advancement Resources.

Rank & Merit Badge Cutoff: Due to the paperwork involved, Troop 35 cannot accept rank advancement and merit badge requests less than two weeks before a Court of Honor. Please make sure you have your ducks in a row a few weeks before the Court of Honor, including any Scoutmaster Conferences or Boards of Review.

Signing off on requirements

Scoutmaster Conference

Board of Review

Eagle Rank

In addition to the practices of Troop 35, advancement procedures for Eagle are set by the District, Council, and Boy Scout National Office. The details of these procedures change occasionally, so they're not described here. Here are the National BSA Advancement Resources.

Once you've earned Life rank you should talk to the adult Eagle Advisor in our Troop. They can explain the current Eagle advancement procedures.

Merit Badges

Beginning work on a badge

Normally, before beginning work on a merit badge your must:

Beginning Work at Summer or Winter Camp

The procedure is different for starting on badges at our week-long Summer and Winter camps.

Completing a Badge